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And… what are you doing?

As a response to your answer, what you professionally do, mostly you receive an interested “I see”, an impressed “Oh wow” or an indifferent “Okay”. As if it would make a difference… A person’s identity shouldn’t be tied to an activity in which someone earns his money. We are, just the way we are.

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For me, being successful does not mean to have a specific career or collecting certificates. Success is the ability of just doing the things you love. Likewise, earning social credits does not necessarily depend on status or job profile. The right way of dealing with people and your environment provides acceptance and appreciation. Also sustainable sympathy does not result from being popular, but, if that what you say and do is authentic and attractive for a person.

My Job Images

Our current job is an activity, not our character. The focus on work would tell us very little about people’s hopes, wishes, fears and dreams. How we behave towards other people defines us much more than a job could ever do. Nevertheless, a brief look at a person’s facade – the so-called curriculum vitae – helps to create an image of someone.


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Name: Mihael Djukic
Place of birth: Linz, Austria
Date of birth: May 4th, 1987
Place of residence: Salzburg, Austria
Citizenship: Austria
Size: 1.88m
Weight: 85kg
Nickname: Michi / Mike


Interests: food, nature, sports, photography, cooking, living environments, culture, society, psychology, politics, film, spirituality, philosophy

Special marks: not capable of multitasking, narrowed bronchi, oblique pelvis of 1.7 cm, stuttered as a child, always have an open mouth for cakes;

Sports: soccer, tennis, hiking, squash, table tennis, (free) diving, snorkeling, cycling, mountain biking, Uno (card game), badminton, skiing

Language skills and level

C2: German, English
B2: Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
B1: Spanish, French
A1: Arabic, Russian


Strengths can become weaknesses, weaknesses can become strengths. Just strange if strengths are weakened and weaknesses are strengthened 😉

Austrian Army (2006-2007):

Hörsching Air Base (basic training 1 month)
Linz-Ebelsberg (company supply point 5 months)


BSTG Linz (2003-2006)

Vacation job (always 6 weeks)

Voest Alpine AG (2013)

Holiday job (07/13 – 08/13)
Tasks: Shoveling iron at +40°C

Nemak Linz (2015)

Transition job (04/15 – 07/15)
Tasks: Production of BMW cylinder molds

University of Salzburg (2015-2019)

Department: Communication Science
Research focus: organizational communication, public sociology, identity and reputation management

University lecturer

University of Salzburg, Austria (2015-2019) – teaching 8 semesters
University of Akureyri, Iceland (Jan 2019) – Public Sociology and Reputation Theory
Universidad de San Jorge Zaragoza, Spain (Apr 2019) – Mediatization and news value theory

Research lectures

Friborg, Switzerland: SGKM 2016
Lucerne, Switzerland: Media Symposium 2016
Salzburg, Austria: KWT conference 2016
Cartagena, Colombia: IAMCR 2017
Lugano, Switzerland: ECREA 2018
Washington, USA: ICA 2019

Lectures in the non-scientific sector

University for children”: raising awareness of “fake news”, video contribution (Mittersill elementary school, 2018)
Archdiocese of Salzburg: Presenting a long-term study on church reputation (Salzburg, 2018)
Austrian Church newspapers: Presentation of results of content analyzes (Salzburg, 2018)
Austrian Pastoral Institute: Panel discussion on the perception of the Catholic Church (Vienna, 2019)


Erasmus manager for 7 EU university partnerships (2015-2019)
Erasmus stays in Malaga 2017 (ESP), Gothenburg 2018 (SWE),
Project manager and sponsorship manager for the 50th anniversary of the FB Communication Science (2018-2019)


Djukic, Mihael (2014): Interkulturelle Public Relations. Kommunikationsstrategien zum Vertrauensaufbau in austro-bosnischen Arbeitsbeziehungen. Saarbrücken: AV Akademikerverlag. Link to the book.

Eisenegger, Mark/Schneider, Jörg/Djukic, Mihael (2018): Reputationsstudie der katholischen Kirche in Österreich mit Schwerpunkt auf der Erzdiözese Salzburg. Salzburg: Amt für Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit der Erzdiözese Salzburg. Link to the study.

Djukic, Mihael (2019): Die Medienarena als Schauplatz der Katholischen Kirche. In: Krieger, Walter/Findl-Ludescher, Anna (Hg.): Freiheit, Glück, Leben. Säkularität und pastorales Handeln. Linz: Wagner-Verlag. S. 35-48.

Djukic, Mihael (2020): Kommunikative Identitätskonstitution von Organisationen. Katholische Kirche im Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Selbst- und Fremdbeschreibungen. Wiesbaden: Springer. Link to the book.

Video Commercials


  • Austria: Gössl Traditional Wear, Maserati Germany, Waldviertel Tourism, City of Wels, Salzburg Old Town, Voest Alpine AG, Salzburg AG, Salzburger Nachrichten, Heimatwerk Salzburg, Lagermax, SEP Gmunden u.a.
  • China: British Label DoRight Fashion Ltd. for Chinese Magazine in Shanghai
  • Germany: Sport center Freilassing, etc.
  • Italy: 5-Star Hotel in Lignano

Fashion Shows

  • Marken: Marc O’Polo, Joop, Gössl, Salomon, Skinny, Tom Tailor, Steiner 1888, different fashion shops, different shopping centres etc.

Body Measurements

  • Height: 1,88m / Bust: 103cm / Waist: 78cm / Hips: 103cm / Clothing: 48 / Shoe Size: 44 / Hair Colour: darkbrown grey / Eye colour: brown

Youth Clubs

  • 1994-1997: FC Linz
  • 1997-1998: LASK Linz
  • 1998-2003: BNZ LASK Linz
  • 2003-2006: Football Academy Linz

Youth Selections

  • District selection Linz (U11-U13)
  • State selection Upper Austria (U12-U15)
  • Nomination for U16 national team

Professional Team

  • LASK Linz
  • Professional soccer contract (Season 2006/2007)
  • Career End after only 2 pre season games

Amateur Clubs (2 month performance each)

  • FC Puch  (2007)
  • SAK 1914 (2009)
  • FC Blaue Elf Linz (2013)


  • 2003-2005: no game practice due to chronical disease 
  • 2005-2006: 1,5 years no injuries
  • 2006: Career end due to chronical disease

OÖ Nachrichten (2012):

Daily newspaper, circulation: 400,000 readers
Full-time employment (6 months)


  • Independent research and writing of articles for the daily print and online edition
  • Departments: Sports, People, Travel
  • Participation in press conferences
  • Experience in the technical layout
  • cumulative acquisition of knowledge about typical mistakes of PR managers *wink*

Freelancer (2016)

Activity: Photo reportage on the European Football Championship 2016 (link to the report)
Client: Tiroler Tageszeitung, Kleine Zeitung, Salzburger Nachrichten, OÖ Nachrichten

Training (2017-2019)

Participation in several seminars/workshops in Ljubljana (SLO)

Republic Salzburg (2008-2010)

Student festivals Salzburg (2007-2010)

Fullmoon party Linz-Ausee (2011)

Seller, team leader and sales coach (2006-2015)

Part-time employment


  • Direct marketing & reactivation of old clients
  • Organization, placement and support of PoS
  • Sales coaching for promoters


  • Sky TV
  • Sharp Europe Ltd.
  • Nespresso
  • Coca Cola etc.

Trumer Brewery (2009)

PR internship (1 month)


  • PR concept for progressive communication methods
  • Conducting market analysis
  • Writing press releases
  • Homepage and social media appearance

Bachelor Study (2007-2010)

University of Salzburg (AUT):

  • Communication Science
  • Emphasis: Public Relations, Languages

Bachelor Thesis I: Media Law and Ethics.
Bachelor Thesis II: Image of Salzburger Nachrichten.
Grades: 2x “Cum Laude” (2,0)

Acad. Degree: Bakk. Komm.

Master Study (2010-2013)

University of Salzburg (AUT) / Fudan University Shanghai (CHN):

  • Communication Science
  • Media and Communication Management

Master Thesis: Intercultural Public Relations: Communication strategies for trust building in Austrian-Bosnian business relationships. (Link to Book)
Grade: “Summa Cum Laude” (1,0)

Acad. Degree: M.A.

Doctoral Study (2015-2019)

University of Salzburg (AUT)

  • Communication Science
  • Summer School 2016 (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano, ITA)
  • Statistics-Summer School 2016 (Utrecht University, NED)
  • Doctorate School „Internet & Democracy“ 2017-2019 (Salzburg, AUT)

Doctor Thesis: Communicative Identity constitution of Organizations in a Media Society. Self descriptions of the Catholic Church under the influence of public descriptions.

First reviewer
: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mark Eisenegger (University of Zurich, SUI): “Summa cum laude” (1,0)

Second reviewer: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dennis Schoeneborn (Copenhagen Business School, DEN): “Summa cum laude” (1,0)
Defensio: “Summa cum laude” (1,0)

Acad. Degree: Dr. phil.

Elementary School (2011):

  • Location: Jungle Village in Ban Huai Hia, Nortehrn Thailand
  • Activity: English- and Sports Teacher