Adventure Stories

I was 22. It was a student party and already after 2am. When my friend asked me: “Who you wanna be one day?” Totally convinced I replied: “I’ll become an adventurer” – without ever having thought about this concept before. Since HIMYM we know that decisions after 2am might not be the best ones 😉 Hit the buttons below to read about some of my travel adventures…

Adventure, Interview, Fakarava, French Polynesia
Survival Try. 5 days, 4 nights. Lonely island.

Lonely island. 5 days, 4 nights.

I never planned French Polynesia. And much less of being there already since nearly 2 months – on a remote Pacific atoll like Fakarava. In the last days I almost felt like Tom Hanks in his movie “Cast Away“. Should I really dare to go even further? Being the only person on a tiny little new island, even more remote than here? Just for myself? Now or never.

Adventure, Bahia inutil, Chile, Travel Drift
Lonely at night on Tierra del Fuego

Why I got off the bus alone at night on Tierra del Fuego…

A dream has just come true: observing king penguins in wild nature (Bahía inútil). But as it is usually the case with booked tours, just after a few minutes our tour guide hectically waved with his arms signifying that it’s time to leave. Departure! No, this time I had to find a way to stay on Tierra del Fuego…

Moorea, Französisch-Polynesien, Ozeanien, Travel Drift

Shark attack

First of all: I never won a shark fight. You’ve no chance under water anyway. But it stayed a shock for a lifetime. It all started with a harmless visit at a ray and shark spot in the dream lagoon of beautiful Moorea atoll. Till the moment when for one of the sea predators it became too much…

Bungy, Queenstown, Travel Drift
Bungy Jump

That’s why my first bungy jump worked at my second attempt

As a child I was afraid of heights – at a time when my friends already did somersaults from the 5m and 10m tower. Will I be able one day to overcome this certain dizziness of freedom? If so, I need to pass the ultimate challenge for my fear of heights: a bungy jump! Check out why this idea has been delayed for years…

Huayna Potosi (6.088m), Bolivien, Travel Drift
Gipfelgrat in "Extremer Höhe" (Huayna Potosi, Bolivien)

Above the height limit

I suffer from narrowed bronchial tubes. Results from previous lung tests have always made this weakness visible. In 2011, on my Himalayan trek up to Mt. Everest base camp my life was in serious danger at 4,300m. Since then, my pulmonologist has set me an absolute height limit of 3,500m. I took that serious. For a while. Find out why 3 years later everything turned out differently in the Bolivian Andes and how I managed to reach the summit of Huayna Potosi at an altitude of more than 6,000m…

Interview, Travel Drift
Fresh worms in the Amazon Rain Forest

Trip into the Amazon

From Peruvian city of Iquitos we went for 3 days downriver on the Rio Amazonas into the largest rainforest on earth. I was so excited. But the fact I would experience so many astonishing and painful things in such a short time made this experience even more special: a tarantula in my boots, a frog in my ear, swimming with piranha bros, a scorpion bite, worms for BBQ, an anaconda nest and much more…

Mt Everest, Nepal, Asia, Travel Drift

Mountainsick on Mt. Everest

“Michael, you have blue lips!” I still remember the sound of my Sherpa’s dismayed words. It should have been a normal ten day trek to Mt. Everest base camp. I never arrived there. Instead, my life was in serious danger. Hit the button below to find out what exactly happened…

Komodo, Indonesia, Travel Drift
View at 20m depth up to the surface (Komodo, Indonesien)

One fin away from being lost in deep blue

The Indonesian island of Komodo is famous for its largest living dragons in the world. Komodo’s underwater world is even more outstanding. The National Park is one of the best dive sites in the world. Before our dive at Castle Rock, my brother and me received a briefing for a challenging spot at a depth of 25m with strong undercurrents. Been there, I almost drifted off into the endless blue of the deep ocean.

Oman, Wadi Hatta, Asia, Travel Drift

Illegally in Oman

Planned was just a road trip in the United Arab Emirates. But suddenly I stood in front of the border to the Sultanate of Oman. Oh man! Without a passport. I lost it a few days earlier in Dubai with the help of some champagne…