Encounters and Companions

Traveling alone must not necessarily mean staying alone. First you learn to endure yourself. Active listening and observation begins. The otherness suddenly becomes your world. You’ll perceive sounds, smells, feelings much more authentically in this new space. You become more open to nature, animals and people. Sometimes I spent 1 day, 2 weeks or even a few months with cool people from a spontaneous encounter…

Medellin, Colombia, Travel Drift

My meeting with Escobar

Actually I was on my way back from the Colombian Caribbean to Europe. I didn’t want to go to the former capital of global cocaine trade in Medellin. It was pure coincidence that I ended up there. The fact that suddenly one of the most wanted criminals of the 20th century was standing next to me had really nothing to do with some illegal business. For real!

Mt. Fitzroy, Travel Drift

Rendezvous with a woodpecker

I had been around in Patagonia for two weeks when my roommates at the hostel said: “But you haven’t seen yet the highlight: Cerro Torre.” Because anyway I was going to get there we said let’s do it together on the next day. But the next objection was raised only a little later: “Unfortunately we have to stay here. Bad weather is predicted.” I wasn’t able to understand both concerns – the thing with the highlight and the weather – so I just left alone. That’s how it happened that I had animal companions on my hike and ended up having a woodpecker as a teacher.

Three eggs from China and deprivation of liberty

It should have been a normal airport transit. But on the return flight from Bangkok to Vienna, my stopover in Urumqi (China) turned into police custody. For the first time of my life, state authorities prevented me from moving freely. I strongly missed my human rights. Hit the button below to find out what exactly happened to me in China.

Encounters, Travel Self, Travel Drift

Encounter with Travel Identities

We often look at the same thing, see the same thing, talk about the same thing and think about the same thing. Nevertheless, we actually look, see, talk and think out of a completely different world. When you travel, a lot is different. You yourself become different. In this article you’ll find out about different travel identities, travel concepts and understandings and why time resources are so essential. I also talk about my own travel reasons, why I am not on vacation during my long trips and why I’m attracted to the otherness.